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2022 Life Planner

2022 ADHD/ASD/ADD friendly Life Planner

2022 Business Planner

All versatile users will get access to Versatile club

The Versatile Club is a huge library where you will be able to download ALL Widgets and ALL Extra Templates of ALL Versatile Planners

2022 Life (Minimal) Planner

2022 Student Life Planner - Coming soon!

2022 Essentials Life Planner - Coming soon!

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All digital planners are professionally created by an actual Graphic Designer, jam packed with valuable content that's going to help you gain control on your daily life and give you lots of space to journal and write down your thoughts and ideas. 

ADHD /ASD/ADD  Friendly Life Planner

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TDP Add-Ons

The Daily Planners has an ever growing collection of Add-Ons packs. The packs include widgets and templates which you can use on their own or to customise your digital planner.

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TDP Fonts

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2021/2022 mid year Dated Digital Planners

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2022 Versatile Planners Comparison chart

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2022 Versatile Planners Comparison chart

🔒 Versatile Club

When you've purchased ANY of the Versatile planners, you automatically gain access to 🔒 Versatile Club
😱A digital library with all Versatile widgets and all extra templates of all planners.😱


🔒 Versatile Club will have hundreds of widgets, organised according to purpose of the widgets.
At the launch of the first batch of planners, you'll already find over 200 widgets but as more planners in this collection become available, more widgets will be uploaded here

Extra templates

🔒 Versatile Club will give you access to all extra templates of all planners combined. They will be available for download at Versatile Club as single page PDF files.
At the launch of the first batch of planners, you'll already find the extra templates of the available planners but as more planners in this collection become available, more extra templates will be uploaded here

Life - Regular

Life - Minimal

Life - Essentials
Coming soon!


Life -Neurodivergent

Coming soon!

About the planners

All planners have the same system. The way that the planners are built is the same. The only difference is the content and layout that will fit the purpose of each planner.

Dated for all of 2022 with hyperlinks for easy navigation. 
This is the 'one-size-fits-all' planner. If you don't know which one to choose, this is the one you need.

Same as the regular life planner. Only difference is the visual design. All content is the same.

A cheaper life planner with only the essential planning pages.

Extra templates are not included

The perfect planner for your business. Dated planning pages that are goal and business focused. And all the extra templates you need to handle your finances, social media, products, advertising & more

Based on the regular Life Planner but with layouts that will allow you to plan in even more details. The design is a little less 'out there' and gives a clutter free vibe. Trackers, lists, (mental) health and setting priorities are a few of the most important focuses of this planner. 

Based on the regular Life Planner but with layouts that are focused on studying, projects, meetings and assignments. 

The extra templates in this planner will all be student focused.

⚠️ Compatibility

Compatible with any note-taking app that supports PDF Markup. The digital planners need a note-taking app in order to make edits and navigate through the planner.
All tutorials are made with the GoodNotes5 app on iPad,
App recommended for Apple devices: GoodNotes5 
(iPadOS & MacOS) 
Apps recommended for Android tablets: Noteshelf, Samsung Notes, Touchnotes
* These apps are a seperate purchase and are not included in The Daily Planners items.

Not compatible with:
• Microsoft OneNote
• Chromebook
• Non Apple computers or laptops

Check out Freebie Club to download a free digital planner to see if digital planning works on your device.

Freebie Club

🔗 Hyperlinked tabs

Monday start

Sunday start

◾️ Dated daily spreads - linked

◾️ Dated weekly spreads - linked

◾️ Dated monthly spreads - linked

📍 Month at a glance
- linked to each month + undated

📍 Monthly finances
- linked to each month + undated

📍 Custom monthly
- linked to each month + undated

◾️ Undated planning templates- Daily, Weekly, Monthly & more

◾️ Extra templates
- Included and linked in the planner

◾️ Custom linked index
◾️ Custom linked tabs
◾️ Custom blank spreads 

🔒 Access to Versatile Club 
- Digital library with all Versatile widgets and all extra templates of all planners.

🔒 Access to Versatile Community - share layouts amongst each other

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